W. Benjamin Bray

W. Benjamin Bray

Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

Emancipation Through Sublimation (Six Weeks)


Fighting Fires

The Arresting Gaze of My Disappearance


The Gaze at the Atlantic from
Cape Ann

I've Been There


Frontal Zone / Watercolors

Glass Irrigation - Cape Ann

Arctic Sea Ice in Glass

Barrow, AK

Pacific NW

Shunyatan Flow

Arctic Water Column

Arctic Circle Residency

Expanding Tahiti

Rendition Engine

Lens Effects

Modes of Departure

Walden Pond

Glass Sculpture







The DEEP OCEAN is unfathomable, a vast commons for doubt, where our relationship oscillates between rigorous debate and detached ambiguity. In the context of global climate, it is the most dominant reservoir of heat on Earth, a density-driven, multi-layered network of flows connecting the polar regions. Like the Arctic and the Antarctic, it affects innumerable downstream climatic changes, but is far more difficult and expensive for scientists to explore and sense directly. And so, it remains a hiding place, hundreds of meters below the depth to which sunlight can penetrate.

As an artist, I'm drawn to GLASS for its singular ability to flow, reveal and clarify. For this work, I ladled glass onto a steel marver following a path similar to the overturning circulation in the Atlantic Ocean. The glass flowed into a thin laminate, reflecting the stratified nature of ocean circulation. Longitudinally-averaged temperatures at two depths in the Atlantic Ocean during global warming "hiatus" periods were then projected through the glass sculpture, illuminating a process through which heat that might otherwise warm the atmosphere is buried in the profound, out of view from satellite-based sensors, and from the public conscious.

"AMOC - Profound Heat" illuminates the deep ocean - the profound space - through the medium of ocean temperature.

CAMIT Berkshire-Taconic

The Global Ocean Circulation and Climate (GOCC) series of artworks is supported by the Artist's Resource Trust, the Council for the Arts at MIT, and by a community of backers via Kickstarter. I sincerely thank these organizations and individuals for their generous support of art, science, and global climate awareness.