W. Benjamin Bray

W. Benjamin Bray

Meridional Overturning Circulation

Fighting Fires

The Arresting Gaze of My Disappearance

The Gaze at the Atlantic from
Cape Ann

I've Been There


Frontal Zone / Watercolors

Glass Irrigation - Cape Ann

Arctic Sea Ice in Glass

Barrow, AK

Pacific NW

Shunyatan Flow

Arctic Water Column

Arctic Circle Residency

Expanding Tahiti

Rendition Engine

Lens Effects

Modes of Departure


Walden Pond

Glass Sculpture






heat diffusion, over thousands of miles north-south and hundreds of years, and two miles up-down; a thin, hot, laminate ooze


the less we understand something, the more our opinion of it oscillates

a slight shift in perspective can produce a significant shift in perception - the same low-level form, but with significant variation in patterns within the low-level form

a trending, low-frequency carrier signal, for higher-frequency oscillations

Meridional Overturning Circulation