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Greetings friends,

The Arctic Circle Residency will begin in roughly two weeks. I would like to sincerely thank all of my current supporters (see below), and provide a final update before I leave.

My trip will begin Sept 26, and include a week of traveling to Longyearbyen and prep work, two weeks of sailing and exploring, and then about a week of compiling observations and wandering around southern Norway, before returning to the US on Oct 26. Our cruise will consist of 1-2 days of onshore work for each 1-2 days of sailing around the western and northern regions of the Svalbard archipelago. Since September is actually the month of minimum sea ice in the Arctic, sailing conditions should be ideal and allow for maximum flexibility in our itinerary.

To summarize my current artist statement regarding the expedition, I’ll collect 3D scans of ice chunks and surfaces, record sounds of electrical waves propagating through the atmosphere from the tropics, talk with other members of the expedition about why they are exploring the archipelago, study the geopolitical forces affecting the Svalbard region, and take photographs. We will not have internet access during the cruise, so I won’t be blogging, unfortunately.

To donate in exchange for “rewards”, visit:  http://www.benbray.com/payment.php . The underwater ROV I had mentioned previously will not be making the trip, so I’ll have to substitute some other interesting artifact for underwater video as part of the reward set.  If you have any suggestions, please send me an email, or include a note in the process of making a donation.

Special thanks to:
Aimee Ash

Andreas Randow
Dan Nissenbaum
David Bryant
Don Bray
Georgina Lewis
John Pound
Kitt Hodsden
Marcela Rodriguez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael Soroka
Nancy Adams
Yuka Otani

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